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2012 anime thoughts

There are a few other things I'd like to post, but I thought I'd get this out of the way first.

The 2012 anime season has been going on for a while, and I find myself caring less. I don't know if the actual number of shows I care about has dropped, though. I just can't find the energy to bother watching things anymore.

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Super Monday Night Combat

[PC] Super Monday Night Combat:
I want to like Super MNC, but after only a few Training missions, I just cannot bring myself to do so. The game is obviously very team-oriented. The problem with such games is that, unless you play with a set group, the quality of the team you will be placed with will be extremely random. A good team can quickly dismantle an enemy, while a bad team can struggle to even complete a Training match. (Seriously, I had a Training match where I had to do almost all the work. I've no clue what the other players were doing, but what they weren't doing was trying to win. I'm not entirely sure that two players didn't go AWOL the moment the game started, as I don't recall ever seeing them at any point in the match.)

It doesn't help that the interesting characters all seem to be locked behind the play/pay wall. The default characters are honestly fairly underwhelming. The weapons seem kind of meh, while the skills are a bit dull and repetitive.

Super Monkey Bikini

Super Monkey Ball is a cute game franchise, where monkeys in hamster balls collect bananas and pass through goals, hopefully without falling off the stage.

The franchise has lost steam over the years. I don't recall playing one since SMB2, and even that was in some ways weaker than the original game. I can understand Sega trying to revive interest.

But by adding breasts? In the form of "adult" stages, where the skybox is replaced with pictures of Japanese models in bikinis, and a ramp is replaced by breasts?


Namco Bandai half listens to PC gamers

Kind of like Operation Rainfall was for NA releases of certain Wii games, PC gamers had been asking and petitioning for a PC version of Dark Souls. Namco Bandai/FromSoftware listened, and announced an enhanced PC port.

Then PC gamers found out it would use Games For Windows Live. Now the petitions are starting again, to try to get it to use a DRM service that an appreciable percentage of PC gamers don't actively loathe.

Xenoblade and limited runs

Picked up Xenoblade Chronicles, but haven't played it. I'm not really in a mood to dedicate the time to play an RPG now.

I wonder how it sells, though. Even with a vocal minority ranting for its release, there was certainly a gamble taken by someone. Common belief appears to be that Gamestop went to Nintendo, but I don't know. Gamestop would have to be willing to take the risk in that scenario. There is another alternative, though. Maybe Nintendo didn't believe there was enough reseller interest to push the title to profitable orders.

Regardless, there is the question of how it will sell, and how it sells versus the size of its print run. If it is overprinted, Gamestop could be taking a bit of a hit, and the private details of the exclusive deal could make this better or worse. Overprinting would possibly hurt niche titles in the future, at least until consoles go mostly to digital downloads. (Though I could see consoles sticking to outdated business models even once they go fully digital. Books did.) If it is underprinted, then the game itself could become difficult to find in the coming months.

And then this all repeats in a few months with The Last Story. No exclusive deal on that one, but I believe it has already been announced to have a limited print run. Games with real limited runs (not a large production run with "limited edition" slapped on just to charge an extra $10 or make people think it is something special) can become quite difficult to find after a while.

Mistake Effect

The "controversial" Mass Effect 3 ending has several major plotholes and contradicts previously established evidence.

Apparently it has so many mistakes ranging from major to minor (including entire sections of dialogue that don't hold up if you think about them as well as scenes that don't make sense) that there may be growing support for the idea that the mistakes are intentional, and the whole ending is actually a dream sequence Collapse )


Michael Bay is making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?


Do we really need Michael Bay's Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles?

Wai-- Wha--? Alien?

Yes, Bay has said that the Turtles are aliens.
"These Turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely lovable."

So the question is, does he just know nothing about the property that he is producing, or have they actually been changed into aliens for this film.

anime - Beelzebub

I just don't know what some anime creators are thinking. It's like, at times, they have no ability to count episodes or understanding of how time works.

The most recent case being Beelzebub. The anime was going to have a story problem when they decided to start the Lord En arc, as Lord En led into the Behemoth arc. Behemoth was a major story and the manga version of Behemoth at the time was still unfinished. The anime ran Lord En anyway. It then ran several filler episodes. But then, for some unfathomable reason, with only three episodes left to the series, the anime started the Behemoth arc. And then only gave it two episodes. (The final episode is apparently going to be an aftermath episode.)

If you are going to cut a major arc down to its intro, with an abrupt re-written ending, then why do it at all?

Particularly since these tacked on anime-only stories tend to be pretty bad, or break story logic. (No, anime-writers, "Super Croquette Time" doesn't work. I want to recall that the manga even pointed out *why* it doesn't work, as Beel had been eating human food the whole time he was on Earth with no strange effects. And, uhm, did you just have Oga kill hundreds of human students when you had him destroy the occupied Akumano Academy? Why do I have a feeling they won't be mentioned in the next episode?)

SFxT, and the hidden cost of DLC?

The Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter x Tekken lacks the advertised 4-player co-op mode, which is present in the PS3 version. Capcom kept quiet about this until after release.

Capcom-Unity now has an official statement. It either comes down to "We couldn't figure out how to do it on the Xbox" or "We didn't have time to do it on the Xbox," depending on how you want to read it. Or, in some of their actual words: "Unfortunately, due to time and resource issues, we weren’t able to get that feature into the Xbox 360 version and we apologize to those players who were looking forward to it."

But by golly they found the time for 12 DLC characters that won't even be made available for at least several months. I guess it only goes to show where Capcom's priorities are, if the whole host of DLC hadn't already made it obvious.