Baines (baines) wrote,

Wii-U woes

Developers have had widely differing opinions about the power of the Wii-U. One week you'd see developer A say that the Wii-U is much stronger than the 360/PS3, and then the next week developer B would say that the Wii-U is weaker than the 360/PS3. Some of this was chalked up to the final specs being unconfirmed, or that early dev consoles were intentionally underpowered.

But now there is a new, more detailed, claim...

Nintendo improved with the GPU and RAM, but skimped on the CPU.

Basically, if your game is mostly reliant on the GPU, then you notice the extra power. If your game is reliant on the CPU, then you notice the system's weakness.

This is apparently an issue with the Wii-U port of Warriors Orochi 3, which wouldn't be unexpected as Koei's Warriors series rely on a system's CPU for its number of enemies.

I wonder if it will be a greater problem in the future, if games like Borderlands 2 make an increased push for extra graphical flair through physics simulations. If you don't have dedicated physics hardware, then you can at least use a system's CPU to do some work.
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