Baines (baines) wrote,

The "hardcore" and WiiU Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 has been announced as a WiiU exclusive, and comments on gaming news sites have erupted.

So now we have:

1) People *****ing about it being a Nintendo-exclusive, claiming that Platinum Games has betrayed them and/or annoyed that Nintendo would pay for an exclusive of a game that they want.

Except... It is an exclusive because Nintendo is publishing it. There were reports months ago that Sega had passed on publishing a Bayonetta sequel. Bayonetta 2 quite possibly wouldn't exist if Nintendo hadn't stepped in.

2) People *****ing about how they aren't going to buy the game because it on the WiiU.

Except... Before this announcement, I can only wonder how many of those same people had been knocking the Wii for only having ports of existing games and not having titles that interested them. So they say that they don't want a WiiU because it doesn't have anything that they want, but the WiiU having something that they want only makes them hate the system more.

Bonus Except... I also have to wonder how many of the complainers would actually have bought Bayonetta 2 if it was released on a system that they did own. Despite its acclaim and the seeming consensus that it is a great hardcore experience, it was not a blockbuster. But people are certainly quite willing to say that due to reason X they will or won't buy something, while being completely detached from the reality of whether or not they'd actually buy it. (I felt like linking to the screenshot of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott group taken after the game was released, which showed several of the people listed as currently playing Left 4 Dead 2, but that's more work than I feel like doing at the moment. You can pretend that I linked to it if you want.)
Tags: failed_lesson, videogame
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