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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined) remains the pleasant surprise. Set when fairies have appeared and humanity is on the slow road to extinction, this is a comedy, one with sometimes some dark bits to that comedy. My one complaint is how the arcs seem to be playing out in reverse order. I prefer stories to go forward, but the 3rd arc is set before the 1st, and the 4th arc is set before the 3rd. This is more annoying when the arcs are all two episodes each, so you might only get five or six stories total before the series ends.

Hyouka ended the Kanya Fes arc, or the SNK cosplay arc if you prefer. Yes, the festival arc had a character that cosplayed as a different SNK character for each day. Nakoruru and King outfits both received a decent showing, but Mai only managed a couple of brief background shots of her back on the final day.

Space Brothers remains entertaining, though at times it feels like it drags a bit. Maybe it is just stuff like how long it takes to reveal who "won" the two spots in team A. Episode 20 ended with them ready to decide. Then Episode 21 only reveals two of the losers, and it won't be until Episode 22 that the two winners are revealed.

Kuroko's Basketball has stayed on the air, which means it has reached the point in the manga's storyline where the writer must have thought "Wait! This manga hasn't been cancelled. I can't let them win this match. I need to tack years more onto the storyline!" For Kuroko's Basketball, this meant Kuroko's team suffered a devastating lose to Aomine's team. But don't fear, because the staple of non-cancelled sports manga is present, as they find out that there are actually two major tournaments per year, so they can train for a few months and still try to win the second tournament.

Kuroko's Basketball doesn't stop there. No. To help them overcome the devastating loss, the team sees the convenient return of a never-before-mentioned superstar player who had missed the current season due to injury. Yes, the team that was amazed by Kagami's inhuman play turned out to have had an even better player on the team the previous year. People on other teams amazed by Kagami's ability suddenly remember the same thing.

On a side note, the new opening drops the superfluous explanation of the Generation of Miracles, but continues to run its absurdly long recaps. It remains a show with a 1:30 opening animation that doesn't actually start the "new" part of the episode until the 3:00 mark (and has I think at least once hit around the 3:30 mark).
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